Chiropractic Testimonials


“I have been overweight my whole life and a diabetic for 20+ years. I have been on a mountain of medications to control my diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol. It was hard to keep track of them all!"

"Desperate to improve my situation, I attended Dr. Jim’s orientation class. The transition from my old way of eating was kind of rocky. I generally follow his guidelines but occasionally indulge, but I don’t feel guilty. I have discovered new foods that would have never been on the menu before, and I don’t feel deprived at all. Planning and preparing meals takes a bit more time because healthier food tends to be made from scratch. Now I also carefully scrutinize labels when I shop. It’s amazing what is in many foods that Americans eat all the time.

Now to get to the most important points. My diabetes has improved so much that I am in the process of weaning off all the medications that I have been on for over a decade. I have lost 45 pounds, feel more energetic, and sleep much better. I could go on, but you get the idea. This is not really a “diet,” but a way of being more mindful of how we nurture ourselves. You’ll find that if you’re willing to make some changes in what you eat, the changes won’t be such a big deal after all."


"I first started changing my eating habits, because my mom wanted me to. She had followed Dr. Jim's advice and was feeling better so I was open to the idea and excited about it, too. I knew it would be a challenge, to begin with, but the long term benefits would be completely worth it."

"The hardest part for me was cutting out a lot of the unhealthy carbs that I was eating. Bread and pasta were staples in my diet. I was able to replace them with other foods that were better for me. Now that I have changed my diet, I have been able to sleep much better at night. I don’t have trouble waking up in the morning, and I have much more energy throughout the day. Overall, I just feel healthier and happier, which has to be the greatest benefit of all."


“Having goals in your life are very important, whether they belong or short-term. Getting involved in Dr. Jim’s program gave me the drive to shed some pounds. My goal was to lose weight before my daughter’s wedding."

"I wanted to lose 15 pounds and to date, I have lost 12. Although I am not at my goal weight yet, it is a significant amount. My daughter even said that I look thin in my dress. This is a great program for many reasons. It helps build self-esteem, promotes a new healthier you, and it gives you the drive, stamina, and know how to keep setting new goals.”


“I had a problem with digesting foods at mealtime. I was taking the generic of Nexium twice a day to help with my problem. Dr. Jim did several treatments and my symptoms disappeared. I went from taking my medication two times a day to once a day. I am no longer taking any medication and I am feeling much better. If I start to feel any of my previous symptoms, I just make sure I let Dr. Jim know.”


“I have been under Dr. Jim’s care for many years to help control my allergies. There are several times during the year that my allergies can really get bad and I have to make sure that I am seeing Dr. Jim, especially when they are flaring up."

"I never really knew how much chiropractic care could help with allergies, but I found that my number of outbreaks, as well as the severity of the outbreaks, were much less when I was under care. After starting the chiropractic care, Dr. Jim let me know that there was more he could do if I was interested. For anyone who has suffered from allergies, if someone has a way to improve your suffering from them, you will do it! Dr. Jim ordered some blood tests which allowed him to get a more complete picture of how my immune system was working or in my case not working. He then gave me some supplements to take in conjunction with a change in my diet. I can’t believe what a difference it made. My allergies aren’t gone, but they don’t run my life anymore."


“I have had chronic pain and other related symptoms associated with fibromyalgia for longer than I can remember. When I went to my neurologist in February, my symptoms were so bad that they were affecting every aspect of my life."

"Not only did I have trouble with my daily routine, but it was affecting everyone else in my family as well. I went to the neurologist looking for answers and the only advice that I received was that I could take several medications for the rest of my life to help with the pain and all the other symptoms and conditions related to fibromyalgia. I knew taking drugs for the rest of my life was not the direction that I wanted to go. I saw Dr. Jim later that same day and described my recent encounter with the neurologist and asked Dr. Jim if he knew of anything that could help me. He began to talk about his program. At that point, I would have tried anything.

Since beginning Dr. Jim’s program, I have lost 25 pounds. I went from a size 10 to a size 5. I have been able to reduce the medications that I take for my pain and fibromyalgia symptoms. I’ve noticed significantly less swelling and inflammation throughout my body. My eating habits have improved tremendously and rarely do I experience the cravings that were once unbearable. I’ve been able to stick to my program easily with minimal effort, but my body will let me know right away if I start to stray.”


“When your lab result numbers lie about how you feel and when modern medicine can only address your health issues symptomatically, you will seek alternative healthcare providers. I turned to Dr. Jim about 9 years ago after my doctor told me that it was “all in my head.” 

"As a respected scientist and immunologist, I was probably the most difficult and challenging patient to my healthcare providers. When I had a reaction to the flu shot which lead to several auto-immune conditions, Dr. Jim was able to get me back to 90% of my original self. He has since put be back on track several times and I am very thankful and grateful for his services. My only regret is that I haven’t played my harmonica for him yet! People learn more about themselves when they come to see Dr. Jim and his pleasant, hardworking, and caring staff."


“In 2014, I came to realize that I had digestive issues that were getting worse and I couldn’t figure out why. I saw a gastroenterologist for my “bad acid reflux.” She gave me an antacid and told me to have an endoscopy. The test revealed inflammation."

"Although I was relieved that she didn’t find anything more serious, the antacid didn’t work and my symptoms continued to get worse. She gave me more medication which didn’t make sense to me, but I didn’t know what else to do. I decided to attend Dr. Jim’s seminar and give his program a try.

I am not one to torture myself with a diet, but the changes Dr. Jim proposed were reasonable, so I gave it a shot. My stomach pain went away immediately. I felt like I got my life back, but it got even better. At one point prior to beginning Dr. Jim’s program, I considered seeing a specialist for depression. Now, I am so optimistic about my life and the scary and depressing thoughts are gone. My belt buckle moved in one inch. I have more energy and my previously greying hair and eyebrows are growing darker by the day. It takes some effort to maintain a different lifestyle, but the benefits are certainly worth it. I felt like an old person with no energy or desire, but NOT ANYMORE!”


“Following several months of care with Dr. Jim, I have been told by many people who have known me for years that they once again see: A spark in my eye, laughter and clarity in my voice, lightness and a bounce in my step, and an openness and sense of purpose in my being. Thank you Dr. Jim for helping me let my life shine!”


“Dr. Jim was my clinician when we were both in school. I recently caught up with him at an alumni event and we got talking about how bad my constipation was back then. He asked if I would share my story to hopefully help other people."

"I was just starting school and he was on his way out, so I was clueless that a chiropractor could help with my condition. I remember the shocked look on his face when I told him that I would have only one bowel movement each week. When he took x-rays of me, you could see how expanded and plugged up my intestines were. It was disgusting to look at even on an x-ray.

Dr. Jim told me there were certain areas of the spine that correlated with my problem. He adjusted those areas and used applied kinesiology points that were related to my digestion. Dr. Jim made some modifications to my diet and gave me a couple of supplements to aid in my body’s recovery. Not only did Dr. Jim make a big difference in my life by fixing my constipation (I was able to go once a day!), but he also guided me in the direction that I wanted to practice and help other people. I was able to see early on in school how everything with our health is connected."


"When I recently hurt my lower back while sleeping, I was unable even to get to Dr. Jim’s office. My daughter checked to see if Dr. Jim could come to my house for a home visit. I was not moving very well."

"After his first treatment, I started feeling improvement and was able to make it to the office. With Dr. Jim’s treatment and his “magic” pads, I am moving and feeling so much better. I can’t even believe how well I am sleeping at night. “I love my Dr. Jim”


"Roy, who will turn 80 in December, and I sat down to talk about our program about a month ago. Although Roy is very active, he noticed several changes in his health that concerned him, and he wanted to take control of them as soon as possible."

"He had gained a few pounds, his blood pressure was starting to creep up (even though he was on blood pressure medication), and his cholesterol was increasing. Along with those complaints, Roy stated that he always felt bloated, especially after eating, and constantly had cravings. The sweet cravings were the worst. Roy said that although he was eating more throughout the day, he was always hungry and never satisfied.

We started him on the program in the middle of May, so about a month ago. We began with little changes and gradually built on those. When Roy went back to his medical doctor this past week for his most recent bloodwork results, all the doctor could say was “All the labs are great!”

In less than a month, Roy had lost a few pounds, brought his blood pressure down,
and dropped his cholesterol by 20 points. And although he was eating more saturated
fat in his diet, his triglycerides were at 51 (well within the healthy range of 50-125). His
hunger pains and need to snack disappeared. His energy remained but the bloated feeling went away. Needless to say that Roy will be getting his 100-year-old birthday card from the President."


"After weeks of ear and jaw pain with associated dizziness and multiple appointments with my medical doctor and multiple rounds of antibiotics, I got smart and mentioned my problem to Dr. Jim. Thank God I did because he was able to treat both of my problems. I felt sooooo much better after seeing Dr. Jim.”


“I have suffered from migraine headaches my entire life. Doctors have never really been able to figure out why I get them. They all have possible explanations, but when it comes to the treatment that follows, none have been successful."

"I am one of those people that if you ask me if I have a headache, I will probably tell you “no,” unless it’s a bad one because I am so used to having them daily.

I talked to Dr. Jim about 1 ½ months ago about his program. He had been telling
me about the great results that he had been getting with so many different conditions
that I said what the heck. I am a trained chef and have always been conscious of
what I prepare for my family and me. After talking with Dr. Jim, boy did I have it all
wrong. So many of the things that we think are good for us aren’t and vice-versa.

The proof is in the results though. After following Dr. Jim’s program for almost
6 weeks, I have only had 2 headaches (instead of daily). The difference now is that I
know why I get my headaches and if I decided to veer off the program, my headaches
remind me to get back on track. I now have my daughter being tested for Dr. Jim’s
program. When there can be a simple answer to a problem, why wouldn’t you want to
find it out?”


“I went into Dr. Jim’s office seeking an adjustment for my aching neck, but after mentioning to him that I woke up with a severe head cold, Dr. Jim proceeded to do his chiropractic therapy for my cold symptoms as well."

"I could not believe the results that I felt after just a couple of visits. The very first visit gave me a lot of relief. I also made sure to get lots of rest and fluids like Dr. Jim advised (and I added a few teaspoons of cough syrup). Within a few days, I felt like my cold had left me- what a difference in my symptoms.

Dr. Jim’s ultrasound therapy treatment helped open up my sinuses so they could drain. He was able to relieve the ache and pain in my head and face, and I was breathing better after just one visit. I would definitely recommend chiropractic treatment with Dr. Jim to lessen the symptoms and duration of your cold symptoms.”


“I first met Dr. Jim when he worked for another chiropractor. The senior the doctor treated me the first two visits, and I didn’t meet Dr. Jim until my third visit."

"When he treated me for the first time, I knew right away with the way his hands treated me that he was going to be good (even fresh out of school).

Following that episode, I would seek treatment from Dr. Jim different times over the years for my different problems.

My most recent visit to Dr. Jim was in June 2016 when I came down with a bad back…I mean a BAD back! Dr. Jim sent me for x-rays and found two squeezed discs. I could not put my socks or shoes on, or even bend over without going into severe pain. With Dr. Jim’s treatments, things just kept getting better. He then provided me exercises that helped even more. I can now put my own socks and shoes on. I can bend over and pick anything up that I drop. As of this morning, I was taking a shower and noticed that I can now wash my feet with a washcloth. Thanks a lot, Dr. Jim.”


"Ready to pitch for the Yankees."


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